Footprints of supersymmetry on Higgs decay

  • Motoi Endo
  • Takeo Moroi
  • Mihoko M. Nojiri
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Motivated by future collider proposals that aim to measure the Higgs properties precisely, we study the partial decay widths of the lightest Higgs boson in the minimal supersymmetric standard model with an emphasis on the parameter region where all superparticles and heavy Higgs bosons are not accessible at the LHC. Taking account of phenomenological constraints such as the Higgs mass, flavor constraints, vacuum stability, and perturbativity of coupling constants up to the grand unification scale, we discuss how large the deviations of the partial decay widths from the standard model predictions can be. These constraints exclude large fraction of the parameter region where the Higgs widths show significant deviation from the standard model predictions. Nevertheless, even if superparticles and the heavy Higgses are out of the reach of 14TeV LHC, the deviation may be large enough to be observed at future e+e collider experiments.


Higgs Physics Supersymmetric Standard Model 


Open Access

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