Using U spin to extract γ from charmless BPPP decays

  • Bhubanjyoti Bhattacharya
  • David London
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Some years ago, a method was proposed for measuring the CP-violating phase γ using pairs of two-body decays that are related by U-spin reflection (ds). In this paper we adapt this method to charmless BPPP decays. Time-dependent Dalitz-plot analyses of these three-body decays are required for the measurement of the mixing-induced CP asymmetries. However, isobar analyses of the decay amplitudes are not necessary. A potential advantage of using three-body decays is that the effects of U-spin breaking may be reduced by averaging over the Dalitz plot. This can be tested independently using the measurements of direct CP asymmetries and branching ratios in three-body charged B decays.


B-Physics CP violation 


Open Access

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