Linking leptonic CP violation to quark unitarity triangle

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We study the linking between the CP violating phase of the lepton sectors and the unitarity triangle of the B0 meson system. Antusch, King, Malinsky and Spinrath have shown that the quark mass matrices with the negligible 1-3 mixing give an interesting relation between the phase of the quark mixing matrices and CP violating measure ϕ2(α). This approach is extended by considering the SO(10) GUT including the Pati-Salam symmetry, which links the Yukawa matrices of the quark sector to the one of the lepton sector. We discuss the relation of the CP violating phases between both quark and lepton sectors as well as the mixing angles. Then, the leptonic CP violating phase is predicted in terms of the angle of the unitarity triangle of the B0 meson system. The leptonic CP violating phase δPMNS is predicted in the region −74 ~ −89°, which is the consistent with the recent T2K results. Our predicted phase is sensitive to ϕ2(α) and ϕ3(γ). These predictions will be clearly tested in the future neutrino experiments as well as the Belle-II experiment.


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