Towards generalized mirror symmetry for twisted connected sum G2 manifolds

  • Andreas P. Braun
  • Michele Del Zotto
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We revisit our construction of mirror symmetries for compactifications of Type II superstrings on twisted connected sum G2 manifolds. For a given G2 manifold, we discuss evidence for the existence of mirror symmetries of two kinds: one is an autoequivalence for a given Type II superstring on a mirror pair of G2 manifolds, the other is a duality between Type II strings with different chiralities for another pair of mirror manifolds. We clarify the role of the B-field in the construction, and check that the corresponding massless spectra are respected by the generalized mirror maps. We discuss hints towards a homological version based on BPS spectroscopy. We provide several novel examples of smooth, as well as singular, mirror G2 backgrounds via pairs of dual projecting tops. We test our conjectures against a Joyce orbifold example, where we reproduce, using our geometrical methods, the known mirror maps that arise from the SCFT worldsheet perspective. Along the way, we discuss non-Abelian gauge symmetries, and argue for the generation of the Affleck-Harvey-Witten superpotential in the pure SYM case.


String Duality Supersymmetry and Duality 


Open Access

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  2. 2.Simons Center for Geometry and PhysicsSUNYStony BrookU.S.A.

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