Anomalous dimensions in the WF O(N) model with a monodromy line defect

  • Alexander Söderberg
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Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


Implications of inserting a conformal, monodromy line defect in three dimensional O(N) models are studied. We consider then the WF O(N) model, and study the two-point Green’s function for bulk-local operators found from both the bulk-defect expansion and Feynman diagrams. This yields the anomalous dimensions for bulk- and defect-local primaries as well as one of the OPE coefficients as ϵ-expansions to the first loop order. As a check on our results, we study the (ϕk)2ϕj operator both using the bulk-defect expansion as well as the equations of motion.


Conformal Field Theory Global Symmetries Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking 


Open Access

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