Supersymmetry with a pNGB Higgs and partial compositeness

  • David Marzocca
  • Alberto Parolini
  • Marco Serone
Open Access


We study the consequences of combining SUSY with a pseudo Nambu-Goldstone boson Higgs coming from an SO(5)/SO(4) coset and “partial compositeness”. In particular, we focus on how electroweak symmetry breaking and the Higgs mass are reproduced in models where the symmetry SO(5) is linearly realized. The global symmetry forbids tree-level contributions to the Higgs potential coming from D-terms, differently from what happens in most of the SUSY little-Higgs constructions. While the stops are generally heavy, light fermion top partners below 1 TeV are predicted. In contrast to what happens in non-SUSY composite Higgs models, they are necessary to reproduce the correct top, rather than Higgs, mass. En passant, we point out that, independently of SUSY, models where t R is fully composite and embedded in the 5 of SO(5) generally predict a too light Higgs.


Beyond Standard Model Supersymmetric Standard Model Technicolor and Composite Models 


Open Access

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  • Alberto Parolini
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  • Marco Serone
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