Ramond-Ramond field strength couplings on D-branes

  • Mohammad R. Garousi


By examining in details the disk level S-matrix element of one massless RR and one NSNS states at order O(α2), we find the coupling of one RR and one NSNS fields on the world volume of a D p -brane. The non-zero couplings involve the first derivative of the RR field strengths F (p), F (p+2) and F (p+4). We then fix the on-shell ambiguity of the couplings by requiring consistency with the linear T-duality transformations. Moreover, consistency with the non-linear T-duality requires that the RR field strength in the above couplings to be \( \mathcal{F} = d\mathcal{C} \) where \( \mathcal{C} = {e_B}C \).


Superstrings and Heterotic Strings D-branes String Duality 


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