DK I = 0, \( D\overline{K} \) I = 0, 1 scattering and the \( {D}_{s0}^{\ast } \)(2317) from lattice QCD


Elastic scattering amplitudes for I = 0 DK and I = 0, 1 \( D\overline{K} \) are computed in S, P and D partial waves using lattice QCD with light-quark masses corresponding to mπ = 239 MeV and mπ = 391 MeV. The S-waves contain interesting features including a near-threshold JP = 0+ bound state in I = 0 DK, corresponding to the \( {D}_{s0}^{\ast } \)(2317), with an effect that is clearly visible above threshold, and suggestions of a 0+ virtual bound state in I = 0 \( D\overline{K} \). The S-wave I = 1 \( D\overline{K} \) amplitude is found to be weakly repulsive. The computed finite-volume spectra also contain a deeply-bound D* vector resonance, but negligibly small P -wave DK interactions are observed in the energy region considered; the P and D-wave \( D\overline{K} \) amplitudes are also small. There is some evidence of 1+ and 2+ resonances in I = 0 DK at higher energies.

A preprint version of the article is available at ArXiv.


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