Non-local matrix elements in B(s) → {K(*), ϕ}+


We revisit the theoretical predictions and the parametrization of non-local matrix elements in rare \( {\overline{B}}_{(s)}\to \left\{{\overline{K}}^{\left(\ast \right)},\phi \right\}{\mathrm{\ell}}^{+}{\mathrm{\ell}}^{-} \) and \( {\overline{B}}_{(s)}\to \left\{{\overline{K}}^{\ast },\phi \right\}\gamma \) decays. We improve upon the current state of these matrix elements in two ways. First, we recalculate the hadronic matrix elements needed at subleading power in the light-cone OPE using B-meson light-cone sum rules. Our analytical results supersede those in the literature. We discuss the origin of our improvements and provide numerical results for the processes under consideration. Second, we derive the first dispersive bound on the non-local matrix elements. It provides a parametric handle on the truncation error in extrapolations of the matrix elements to large timelike momentum transfer using the z expansion. We illustrate the power of the dispersive bound at the hand of a simple phenomenological application. As a side result of our work, we also provide numerical results for the Bsϕ form factors from B-meson light-cone sum rules.

A preprint version of the article is available at ArXiv.


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