Journal of High Energy Physics

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Three roads to probe-brane superconductivity

  • Bum-Hoon Lee
  • Matthias C. Wapler


We study a defect system of two parallel D5 probe branes in a large-N c D3 background. Using the non-abelian DBI action, we study three different fields that can give rise to a superconducting phase transition: A vector (p-wave), a scalar corresponding to a non-trivial “separation” of the branes in the (3 + 1) field theory directions and a scalar corresponding to a separation in the “internal” S 5 (both s-wave).

Comparing these phases first in the α2 expansion, we find that the internal scalar has the largest critical temperature and is always thermodynamically preferred. Further, there is an interesting attractor behavior.

Taking a simplified version of the full DBI action that preserves its regularity and geometry, we find that the divergences of the α2 expansion are resolved and some second order transitions turn into first order ones. In addition to some other changes of the phase diagram due to the structure of the DBI action, we observe that the ground state degeneracy of the unbroken theory is lifted. We also isolate the unphysical artifacts of our simplification.


Holography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT) Field Theories in Lower Dimensions D-branes Holography and quark-gluon plasmas 


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