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Utilization of Refractory Materials from ŽIAROMAT for the Electric Arc Furnace in Steel Works Podbrezová

  • L’. ĎurikEmail author
  • J. Švantner
Refractories Forum


More than 25% of the overall steel production, mainly the special kinds, are produced in electric arc furnaces (EAFs). The production development of electric arc furnaces is marked by the reduction of charge melting by means of preheating, by the intensification of the process through oxygen and by increasing the electric power input. The above facts therefore require a quality optimization of the refractory materials used, as well as an overall solution for the individual parts of the furnace lining. The aim of this article is to present the use of refractory materials for the lining of the electric arc furnace in ŽELEZIARNE, a.s. PODBREZOVÁ from the production of ŽIAROMAT. The electric arc furnace is lined with magnesiumcarbon building materials with the level of carbon content of 15% and the roof is partially made of a conventional castable.


electric arc furnace magnesium-carbon building material conventional castable 


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  1. 1.ŽIAROMAT, a.s.KalinovoSuriname
  2. 2.ŽP a.s.PodbrezováSuriname

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