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, Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 85–89 | Cite as

The Therapeutic Potential of Synge’s Riders to the Sea

  • Jane Marston


The essay describes an insight achieved, during the author’s own therapy, through her knowledge of Synge’s play (though the reading of the play was not a formal part of therapy). While her growing self-understanding helped her to better comprehend the play, the issues of the play; conversely, enriched her understanding of issues in her own and her mother’s life. As an addendum, the author includes an original poem which, she hopes, reveals some of what she has experienced in therapy—an event which has, from the start, helped to release her own “voice.”


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  1. Synge, J. M. (1903/1982). Riders to the Sea. In A. Saddlemeyer (ed.). J. M. Synge: Collected works, III, Book I (pp. 1–27). Gerrards Cross. Buckinghamshire: Colin Smythe Limited.Google Scholar

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