Journal of Poetry Therapy

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Book Reviews

  • Kenneth Gorelick
  • Arthur Lerner


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  1. The Art of Play: An Adult’s Guide to Reclaiming Imagination and Spontaneity (1987). By Adam Blatner and Allee Blatner. New York: Human Sciences Press Inc., 176pp. 26.95 hard, 12.95 soft.Google Scholar
  2. Perspectives on Music Therapy Education and Training (1987). Edited by Cheryl Dileo Maranto and Kenneth E. Bruscia. Philadelphia: Temple University, Esther Boyer College of Music.Google Scholar
  3. Waiting at the Gate: Creativity and Hope in the Nursing Home (1987). By Susan L. Sandel and David Read Johnson. New York: Haworth Press, 22.95 hard, 14.95 soft.Google Scholar
  4. Inside the Open Cage. (1984). By William Kir-Stimon, Evanston, Illinois: Cooper Field Press, 124 pages.Google Scholar

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  • Kenneth Gorelick
  • Arthur Lerner

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