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A Comparison of Charpy and Izod Impact Testing in Acid Open Hearth Steels

  • R. W. Hogue
48th National Open Hearth and Basic Oxygen Steel Conference


Charpy and Izod V-notch specimens of three low alloy steel casting grades were tested as a function of temperature. For any given set of conditions of testing temperature and composition, the Izod impact values were consistently higher. The transition temperature, as measured by various criteria, was considerably lower for Izod than for Charpy when relatively tough materials were tested. In brittle materials the Izod and Charpy transition temperatures are both quite high. Depending on the method of determination, the Izod transition temperature can be either higher or lower than the Charpy transition temperature.


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  • R. W. Hogue
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  1. 1.United Engineering & Foundry Co.VandergriftUSA

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