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Smelting Prereduced Iron Ore Pellets

What Could This Technique Mean To Commercial Blast-Furnace Operation?
  • Norwood B. Melcher
Technical Article


Prereduced pellets, made from magnetic taconite concentrates in the pilot plant of the Bureau of Mines Minneapolis Metallurgy Research Center, were smelted in the Bureau’s experimental blast furnace at Bruceton, Pa. The pellets averaged 79.0 pet Fe and 11.9 pet SiO2. Two additional supplies of prereduced pellets were obtained from The Steel Co. of Canada Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario, which averaged, respectively, 83.8 pet and 91.3 pet Fe, and 3.1 and 3.0 pet SiO2. Results from smelting these pellets were compared with results from conventional unreduced pellets from the Hilton mine in Quebec, and from Erie Mining Co., Hoyt Lakes, Minn. The blastfurnace tests established that substantial decreases in coke rates and correspondingly higher production rates result from the use of prereduced pellets.


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  • Norwood B. Melcher
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  1. 1.US Dept. of the InteriorMinneapolis Research Center, Bureau of MinesUSA

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