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Uranium Recovery by the Solvent Extraction Process

  • James D. Moore
Article Hydrometallurgy 1957


Mills employing the sulfuric acid leaching method for uranium have been confronted with a major problem in recovering uranium from leach solutions, but today, solvent extraction offers a new method of processing these leach solutions. During the past year, the industry has seen the operation of solvent extraction circuits at the Climax Uranium Co. mill of Grand Junction, Colo., the Kerr-McGee Oil Industries Co., mill at Shiprock, N. M., and the AEC Pilot Plant operated by National Lead Co., Inc. at Grand Junction, Colo. The Vitro Uranium Co. constructed and operated a 10 gpm pilot plant and is converting to solvent extraction.


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  • James D. Moore
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  1. 1.Vitro Uranium Co.Salt Lake CityUSA

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