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Some Aspects of Slip in Germanium

  • R. G. Treuting


Germanium single crystals strained in tension at 600°C slip on the {111} plane and, macroscopically at least, in the <110> direction. Deformation is inhomogeneous: various localized rotations are observed, as is a banding consistent with secondary slip banding. The structure after deformation is polygonized with a domain size of about 2×10−3 cm. In relaxation tests, an incubation period prior to flow is observed, of duration inversely related to temperature and applied stress. Under continuous loading, there is a sharp first yield point. A critical resolved shear stress therefore must be cited with respect both to temperature and to rate of loading. At 600°C, when loading proceeds at 2900 psi per min, it is 1310 psi. The yield point phenomenon is suggestive of Cottrell’s solute atom atmosphere theory and five points of qualitative agreement with this theory are found.


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  • R. G. Treuting
    • 1
  1. 1.Bell Telephone Laboratories Inc.Murray HillUSA

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