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Rare earth additions to electric furnace steels For sulfide shape control

  • Howard W. Bennett
  • Lawrence P. SandellJr.
Technical Article


At the Houston Works, with this practice of making rare earth additions at tap, we can produce and meet the higher notch toughness requirements. We do not feel this is economically feasible in our plant using vacuum degasser or reladling methods with our present facilities. We plan to experiment with this practice on various other plate grades produced-carbon, high strength low alloy and alloy.

In addition to rare earths for sulfide shape control, we are using magnesium in the form of nickel magnesium additions to the ladle to obtain sulfide shape control in nickel bearing steels. To date, our results show good improvement in transverse notch toughness properties, both energy and lateral expansion.


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  • Howard W. Bennett
  • Lawrence P. SandellJr.

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