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A new high strength, deep hardenable titanium alloy —Ti-6AI-6V-4Zr-4Mo

  • G. H. Heitman
Technical Article


With the increased demand for titanium in large structural components for such applications as the supersonic transport and deep submergence vehicles there is a requirement for high strength deep hardening alloys. The present beta type titanium alloys offer a depth hardenability up to 6 in, and generally have high densities and relatively low ductilities. Some current alpha + beta alloys such as Ti 6AI-6V-2Sn show high strength capability; however, strength decreases significantly in section sizes over 1 in. A new alpha-beta alloy, Ti 6AI-6V-4Mo-4Zr, presently under development, offers relatively high strength in sections up to 6 in., somewhat lower density than the beta alloys, adequate ductility in three directions, and exceptionally good fracture toughness. This paper covers the development of the new alpha-beta titanium alloy and a comparison with presently available high strength titanium.


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