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The Attainment of High Current Efficiency on Aluminum Reduction Furnaces by a Cold Running Technique

  • J. H. Kent
Technical Article


For any given design of aluminium reduction furnace, there is a maximum current efficiency at which it can be made to operate. This maximum can be as high as 95%. Research work is described which was carried out in Scotland in the first part of the last decade to determine those conditions and methods of operation which are necessary to achieve maximum current efficiency. The method became known as the cold running technique. The lessons learned during the period, when the technique was introduced throughout the two smelters at which it was developed (thereby setting 88–90% current efficiency as the overall average norm) are of value when considering the future of the aluminium reduction process. In particular, the state of the art for the foreseeable future is such that no automated system can be envisaged in practical terms that will obviate the need for reduction furnace operators on the factory floor who are thoroughly experienced in practising the described technique, in order to make an aluminium smelter yield its maximum profit.


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  • J. H. Kent
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  1. 1.Lochaber Works of the British Aluminum Company, Ltd.Fort WilliamScotland

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