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Engage, Empower and Align—The Core of Next Generation Manufacturing

  • D. Dotson
Hoyt Memorial Lecture


If manufacturing in the United States is to survive the challenges of globalization, it will be because workers and leaders are personally engaged, empowered as teams, and aligned around a strategy that revolutionizes the shop floor. The overall state of manufacturing, specifically our foundry industry, is not good. The industry is plagued by incredibly high turnover; foundry intellectual capital is retiring; only a small percentage of foundries are recapitalizing; and we have a miserable safety record. While the revolution to survive must be inspired by leaders, it will only happen when the molders, core makers, iron pourers and finishers are individually excited about contributing to customer success. This challenge is made even more difficult by the diversity of our workforce. It is, however, a challenge being met by companies that are preparing for Next Generation Manufacturing.


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