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Nitrile Metallurgical Process for Copper Concentrates

  • Edward P. Foster
  • David R. Taschler
  • Donald F. Lowe
Technical Article


Economic, regulatory, and sociological factors have spurred the search for a copper production technology capable of providing high-purity copper from a variety of sources with low-unit capital, energy, and labor costs while meeting increasingly stringent ecological requirements. Nitrile copper-refining chemistry can be combined with other production operations to address these needs. Roasting concentrates results in a leachable calcine and SO2 gas which is absorbed to make a sulfite liquor and a cleaned gas. The sulfite liquor and calcine leach liquor are mixed to yield precipitated copper sulfite. The sulfur is removed as gypsum. A cupricl acetonitrile liquor converts the solid copper sulfite to a cuprous/ nitrile liquor which is disproportionated to produce the recycled cupric/ acetonitrile liquor and a pure-copper metal product. The roast/ leach/sulfite/ nitrile copper concentrate process is estimated to require 55% less energy and 30% less capital than modern pyrometallurgical methods.


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  • Edward P. Foster
    • 1
  • David R. Taschler
    • 1
  • Donald F. Lowe
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  1. 1.Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.Allentown

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