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No identifiable effect of ginseng (Gericomplex) as an adjuvant in the treatment of geriatric patients

  • B. Thommessen
  • K. Laake
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This study aimed to examine the effect of ginseng as an adjuvant to treatment and rehabilitation of geriatric patients in a double blind, controlled clinical trial. The treatment group (N=24) received two capsules of Gericomplex (ginseng, vitamins, minerals and trace elements) daily for 8 weeks, while the control group (N=25) had identical-looking placebo capsules. Participants consisted of 60 geriatric patients, mean age 77.9 years. The principal study variables were length of stay in hospital, and activities of daily living according to the Barthel ADL Index. Cognitive function was assessed at baseline and after 8 weeks, using the Mini-Mental State Examination, the Kendrick Object Learning test, and the Trail Making test. Somatic symptoms, and symptoms of depression and anxiety were scored on a 23-question version of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist. Length of stay in hospital did not differ in the two groups, which also improved to the same degree on the various functional outcome measures, except for the Kendrick Object Learning test, where the placebo group improved more markedly. In conclusion, no identifiable effect of ginseng as an adjuvant to treatment and rehabilitation of geriatric patients was observed.

Key words

Geriatric rehabilitation ginseng 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • B. Thommessen
    • 1
  • K. Laake
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Geriatric MedicineUllevaal HospitalOsloNorway

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