Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik

, Volume 8, Issue 4, pp 315–319 | Cite as

Benders Kritik und die Wirkung

Zum Beitrag von P. Bender in JMD 8 (1987), H. 1/2, S. 3–103
  • Herbert Löthe


The Paper of Bender has to be considered primarily as an aspect of the computer innovation in the FR Germany. His criticism of the so-called „Logo-philosophy” does not differentiate between Papert’s educational conceptions at one hand and the not by Papert influenced computer work at primary level or the Logo work at all levels of education at the other. The consequence is that all negative statements on e.g. the Mindstorms can be associated with other kinds of computer related work. The resulting effect is that the paper can be used by mathematics educators in excuse of their own inactivity and non-involvement in this field; Bender meets in this respect an unconscious demand of the average math educator. Two examples out of the paper are used to illustrate the necessity that the computer innovation in school can not be discussed in a competent and proper way by mathematics educators without any own learning and teaching experience and any knowledge of relevant computer science facts.


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