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A Different Test and Different Result Analysis — an Example From a Calculus Exam

  • Shlomo Vinner


The paper relates to one of the topics raised in [RE], the issue of tests in teacher training. The nature of common tests and their negative impact on the quality of learning is discussed. It is recommended to include in tests questions which enforce students to experience higher thought levels while learning the course materials and while preparing themselves for the tests. An example of such a question from a calculus exam is brought and the students* answers are analysed from a cognitive point of view. The results show that at the end of a university calculus course for science students ( which is the concluding mathematics course for most of them ) many students lack a conceptual understanding and analytical abilities that are, probably, assumed to be achieved.


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  • Shlomo Vinner
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  1. 1.Science Teaching DepartmentHebrew University of JerusalemIsrael

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