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Using Microprocessors to Measure Convection in Liquid Metals

  • Stavros A. Argyropoulos
  • Panagiotis G. Sismanis
Extractive & Process Metallurgy


The purpose of this paper is to direct attention to an area of heat transfer in liquid metals where the high technology of digital electronics makes possible a new method of measurement in the harsh metallurgical environment. This new method involves the immersion into a metal bath of a solid specimen whose melting point is equal to or lower than that of the metal or alloy in the metal bath, and which will not react chemically with the liquid metal or alloy used. The specimen should have a hollow bore whose opening is held above the surface of the liquid bath; immersion continues until such time as the liquid metal penetrates the hollow bore. The weight of the specimen is monitored to determine the rate at which the net downward force changes.


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  • Stavros A. Argyropoulos
  • Panagiotis G. Sismanis

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