Il costo sociale dell’otite media in pazienti pediatrici


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costo sociale otite media pazienti pediatrici 


Otitis media (OM) is not a serious illness but is extremely widespread, mainly in paediatric patients. The aim of this study was to estimate the economic burden of an episode of OM in paediatric patients.

An observational retrospective study was conducted from the society point of view in 2008, interviewing 85 paediatric patients’ caregivers, and paediatricians belonging to ASUR 7, Marche Region.

The average social cost of an episode of OM is €289.73. The 66.9% of this amount is composed by direct costs (€193.78), including both direct medical and non medical costs (mainly informal care costs). The cost of an OM episode in younger children (less than 5 years) is higher than the cost in older children (€322.61 vs. €242.75, respectively). In general differences in cost between patients are high, and are due to the intensity of the assistance given by parents and informal caregivers.


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