Isolation and Characterization of Plastidial Localized, Seed Expressive Lysophosphatidyl Acyl Transferase (LPAAT) cDNA from Brassica juncea L

  • Ranjeet R. Kumar
  • I. M. Santha
Short Communication


In order to characterize different forms of Lysophosphatidyl acyl transferase (LPAAT) gene and to study its cellular location, PCR amplification of cDNA isolated from B. juncea was carried out using LPAAT gene specific primers. The amplicon obtained was of 1009 by and showed homology with BAT2 clone of B. napus. A multiple sequence analysis of LPAAT derived from different sources revealed that there were ten strongly conserved domains among different isoforms of LPAAT products with two most prominent conserved domain PEGTRS and NH. Southern blot analysis showed that there were two different isoforms of LPAAT gene in B. juncea. Northern blot analysis showed that maximum expression of the transcript was in case of seeds and low level in buds. However, the transcript was not detectable in leaves.

Key words

RT PCR LPAAT gene Brassica juncea cDNA cloning conserved domains 



Lysophosphatidyl acyl transferase




Brassica acyl transferase


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Division of BiochemistryIndian Agricultural Research InstituteNew DelhiIndia

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