American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs

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Dear Reader

As we reach the final issue of the American Journal of Cardiovascular Drugs for 2012, we hope that you have found the articles published throughout the year to be interesting and informative. The editors and publishing staff have appreciated the high quality of content contributed to the journal this year and look forward to keeping you up to date with topical issues in the field of cardiovascular therapy in 2013.

Following the acquisition of the Adis journals at the end of last year by Springer Science + Business Media, we have been working to transition the production and fulfilment of the Adis journals into Springer processes. This integration will be complete by the end of 2012, such that production and delivery of all Adis journals will be fully transitioned for the first issues of 2013. Adis journal content will be available on a new, improved online platform. We aim to seamlessly transfer all existing subscribers so their access is unaffected and we will be in...

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