Pharmaceutical & Diagnostic Innovation

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In this section we bring you a summary of corporate transactions in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. For your convenience, the transactions are listed in alphabetical order within each category. If you are seeking information about a specific company, the quickest method of locating it is to search this issue’s company index (p60). Highlights reported in this issue include:

  • Abbott Laboratories has been busy with two acquisitions: TheraSense (p33) and i-STAT (p36). Abbott’s acquisition of TheraSense increases its presence in the US diabetes market. Abbott estimated the blood glucose monitoring market was worth more than $US5 billion in 2003 and expects the market to grow at 10% per annum, driven by an aging population, sedentary lifestyles and the ‘obesity epidemic’ in Western countries. Analysts have forecast the global diabetes market to reach $US15 billion by 2010. Currently ranked fourth and fifth in the global blood glucose monitoring market, respectively, Abbott and...

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