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1st International Congress on Alzheimer’s Disease and Advanced Neurotechnologies

  • Mary Ellen Kitler
Meeting Report

The theme of the 1st International Congress on Alzheimer’s Disease and Advanced Neurotechnologies was ‘A Meeting of the Minds in Monaco’. The 200 participants in the congress from Europe and North America braved blizzards of the century, high winds, closed airports, diverted planes and closed roads to attend the meeting. On the opening day of the congress, it snowed in Monaco and covered the palm trees in snow. NeuroVigil, Inc. (La Jolla, CA, USA) and the Monaco Association for Research in Alzheimer’s Disease (AMPA) organized the congress to bring together people from many different disciplines to discuss Alzheimer’s disease. The attendees and speakers included basic scientists, clinicians, social scientists, academics and hospital administrators. The participants came from many disciplines, such as electrophysiology, geriatrics, diabetes, Parkinsonism, drug development, neurology, surgery, molecular biology, medical device development, sleep, and genetics, and from various...


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