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Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2010

Shaping Future Medicine
  • Anne Bardsley-Elliot
Meeting Report

Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 17th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference convened February 3–5, 2010, at San Francisco’s Moscone North Convention Center, welcoming over 2700 attendees from 38 countries. Along with regular delegates, the 1223 participating companies, 130 exhibitors, and 44 sponsors engaged in the recurring Tri-Conference theme of ‘Shaping Future Medicine.’

Medicine: Personalized

The conference again had a strong focus on personalized medicine, in all its multiple forms. Keynote speaker John Crowley, CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, Inc., captivated the audience with his truly personal story of social entrepreneur-ship in drug research, inspired by the 1998 diagnosis of glycogen storage disease type II (Pompe disease) — a rare and often fatal genetic neuromuscular disorder — in two of his infant children. Historically, drug companies have lacked the financial incentive to develop treatments for such orphan diseases. So Crowley, driven by motivation to help his...


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