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Integrated Decision Model for Credit Product Outsourcing

  • Markus Holzhäuser
  • Markus Lammers
  • Felix Schwarze
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Integrated Decision Model for Credit Product Outsourcing The European banking landscape seems to be evolving from a highly vertically integrated banking landscape into a value network of specialized banks. This can also be seen in the credit product industry where consumer credit specialists take over portfolios from other banks. While decision models for IS, operations and production outsourcing are discussed in the literature, we lack a model for credit product outsourcing which reflects the change of risk capital as discussed in the literature about credit sales. In combining these two literature strands, we develop a model to determine whether it is beneficial to internally produce or externally source a credit product.


Outsourcing Banking Industry Production Economies Economies of Risk Risk Capital 


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  • Markus Lammers
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  • Felix Schwarze
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