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Stepping Out in Style

The Opel Meriva Door Concept
  • Peter Schüssler
  • Gunther Heim
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The new Opel Meriva being launched in 2010 is the first large-volume series-production car this century to feature rear-hinged rear doors. With an opening angle of almost 90°, passenger access to the rear seats is extremely comfortable for a vehicle in this class. While the mechanics of such a system may well be fascinating, securing the doors electronically against accidental opening is the real technical challenge.


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  • Peter Schüssler
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  • Gunther Heim
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  1. 1.Side Doors Specialist DepartmentAdam Opel GmbHRüsselsheimGermany
  2. 2.Adam Opel GmbHRüsselsheimGermany

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