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Titanium research at the U.K.’s Birmingham/Swansea IRC

  • P. A. Blenkinsop
  • M. H. Loretto
Titanium and Intermetallics Overview


The Interdisciplinary Research Center in Materials for High Performance Applications has research programs in the areas of TiAl-based alloys, the development of β titanium alloys, and the fatigue of titaniumbased alloys and composites. These programs cover melting, atomization, spray-forming, casting, thermomechanical processing, joining, alloy development, and property assessment; in all cases, large experimental programs are backed up with modeling.


Titanium Alloy Massive Transformation High Performance Application Plasma Melter Conventional Titanium Alloy 
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  • P. A. Blenkinsop
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  • M. H. Loretto
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