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Continuous-fiber reinforced composites: A new generation

  • Herve E. Deve
  • Colin McCullough
Lightweight Auto Material Overview


The mechanical and physical properties of aluminum-matrix composites reinforced with high-performance continuous alumina fibers are reviewed and compared with those of other structural materials. Continuous-fiber reinforced aluminum-matrix compositesoffer outstanding improvements in specific strength and specific stiffness over conventional alloys and particulate composites. Thelongitudinal tensile strength of an aluminum matrix reinforced with 55–65 vol.% alumina fibers is in the range ofl.4-1.9 GPa, the longitudinal Young's modulus is 220–240 GPa, and the density is 3.2-3.4 g/cm3. The mechanisms of strengthening and fracture under longitudinal, transverse, and shear loading are reviewed. Examples of applications are presented that are representative of the range of product forms being developed.


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  • Herve E. Deve
    • 1
  • Colin McCullough
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