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Mitral valve repair by Carpentier-Edwards Physio annuloplasty ring


A semi-flexible annuloplasty ring (Physio-ring) was clinically used in 30 cases of mitral valve insufficiency. The Physio-ring has the characteristics in which the anterior section is rigid and has a saddle-shaped curve, while the posterior section is flexible to allow for changes in size and shape of the anulus during ventricular contraction. The patients were aged from 23 to 73 years (mean 53.8 ± 12.5). The cause of mitral valve insufficiency was degenerative (in 24 patients), rheumatic (2), ischemic (1), endocarditis (1), congenital + degenerative (1), and traumatic (1). On the 6-month post-implant echocardiogram, 96.6% had grade 0 or +1 regurgitation. The effective valve orifice area was 2.61 ± 0.82 cm2 (n = 19). There was no late death. However, there was 1 (3.3%) hospital death after the patient had received a simultaneous coronary artery bypass grafting, and then developed low output syndrome after surgery. Although there was no device-related complication, hemolysis of undetermined cause was observed in 1 (3.3%) patient The findings from this study indicated a low incidence of device-related complication, while excellent valvular function was maintained.

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