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Possible effects of climate change on the spread of invasive marine species and implications for maritime industries

  • Steve Raaymakers


Global climate change stands to have major implications for maritime industries, including fisheries and aquaculture, recreation and tourism, and shipping and ports. Amongst these implications are the possible effects of climate change on the dispersal and distribution of marine species, as environmental conditions in the world’s seas and oceans change with climate change. This paper explores, in an introductory manner only, the potential impacts of climate change on marine bio-invasions, the possible effect of these impacts on maritime industries, and the possible implications for the way that we manage these industries, including ship’s ballast water and sediments and hull fouling, to prevent and reduce marine bio-invasions. The paper presents the case for the inclusion of this topic on the programme of 1st International Conference on the Impacts of Climate Change on Maritime Industries (ICCMI 2008), planned to be held in Malmö, Sweden in June 2008, where international experts in the science of climate change and marine bio-invasions might present more detailed scientific and technical papers on the issue.

Key words

Climate Change Maritime Industries Fisheries and Aquaculture Recreation and Tourism Shipping Invasive Marine Species Marine Bio-invasions Hull Fouling Ballast Water 


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