Bioequivalency evaluation by comparison ofin vitro dissolution andin vivo absorption using reference equations

  • A. Kayali


Using in vitro dissolution and in vivo absorption of different generics or batches for an appropriate drug and dosage form, a reference equation of form:
$$k_a = a + bk_d + dk_d ^2 $$
can be proposed. In the case of availability of standardised in vitro-in vivo data for a specific drug, a Level A a correlation of this type containing experimentally determined a, b, d parameters would serve to predict in vivo absorption phase of the drug. The larger number of batches, the stronger will be the predictive power of these parameters.


Bioequivalency pharmacokinetics bioavailability in vitro-in vivo correlation carbamazepine 


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  • A. Kayali
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  1. 1.Dept. of Fundamental Pharmaceutical SciencesFaculty of Pharmacy University of EgeBornova-IzmirTürkiye

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