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Fecundity of mahaseerTor putitora (Ham.)

  • S S Pathani


Fecundity of Kumaun high altitude mahaseerTor putitora was studied by both gravimetric and volumetric count methods. The fecundity ranged from 7076 to 18525 in total length range from 33·90 to 51·70 cm. It was found that the fecundity has straight line relationships with total length, body weight, ovary length, ovary weight and ovary volume separately. These relationships are expressed by standard formulae separately for both gravimetric and volumetric counts of eggs. The number of eggs increased more with per centimeter of the total length than per gram body weight of the fish. The fecundity increased with higher year classes. It was also observed that the female fish mature after 3 years of age.


Fecundity mahaseer Tor putitora high altitude Bhimtal 


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  • S S Pathani
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  1. 1.Zoology Department, Almora Campus CollegeKumaun UniversityAlmoraIndia

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