ZoÖplankton van de Venematen

  • J. M. F. Geelen
Verslag van het Vierde Werkkamp van de Hydrobiologische Vereniging in Noordwest-Overijssel (22–29 Juni 1968)


During the workcamps of the Hydrobiological Society in 1966, 1967 and 1968, the distribution of Zooplankton in four ponds in N.W.-Overijssel has been studied. Only the data of 1966 and 1968 of the “Venematen”, related to quantitative results of Crustacea, are to be compared. In 1967 qualitative studies of Rotatoria were performed.

Tables 1 and 2 and Fig. 1 illustrate that most species and greatest numbers of individuals are found among Stratiotes. Differences between 1966 and 1968 are mainly caused by swarms of Polyphemus pediculus (see Table 3 and Fig. 2).

A specific plankton association for the Stratiotetum could not be demonstrated.


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  • J. M. F. Geelen
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  1. 1.Zoologisch Laboratorium, K.U.Nijmegen

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