Caddis larvae in a stratiotes-vegetation in the “Venematen”

  • L. W. G. Higler
Verslag van het Werkkamp van de Hydrobiologische Vereniging in Noordwest-Overijssel (27 Juli tot 3 Augustus 1967)


The “Venematen” is a small broad in the northwest corner of the Province of Overijssel, situated in a region full of broads, peat-diggings and marshes. In the vegetation-girdle (Stratiotetum) extending about eighty meters from the shore, nine samples have been taken in a series from the open water through vegetation to the shore. Each sample consisted of the macrofauna adhering to six large Stratiotes plants. In the present article only Caddis larvae and Mayfly larvae are considered, of which the Caddis are by far the most interesting.

In fig. 1 the quantitative distribution of three species of Polycentropidae is indicated. Cyrnus flavidus (I) occurs only on submersed plants. Holocentropus picicornis (II) lives on emersed plants, particularly near the open water (C) and Holocentropus dubius (III) is found in a little “pool” within the vegetation among the submersed Stratiotes plants.

In fig. 2 the distribution of three species of Hydroptilidae is given. Agraylea multipunctata (VI) is found in low numbers through the vegetation. Oxyethira costalis (IV) shows a preference for the submersed plants (A and B). Oxyethira fagesii (V) is found on the emersed plants all through the vegetation and in particular on the submersed plants in G.


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Kokerjuffers (trichoptera) in een verlandingszone van de venematen


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