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Colossal magnetoresistive p-n junctions of perovskite oxide La0.9Sr0.1MnO3/SrNb0.01Ti0.99O3O3

  • Huibin Lü
  • Souyu Dai
  • Zhenghao Chen
  • Lei Yan
  • Yueliang Zhou
  • Guozhen Yang


We have successfully fabricated the colossal magnetoresistive (CMR) p-n junctions of perovskite oxide La0.9Sr0.1MnO3/SrNb0.01Ti0.99O3 (LSMO/SNTO) with laser molecular beam epitaxy. TheI-V characteristics of the LSMO/SNTO p-n junctions as a function of applied magnetic field (0–5 T) were studied between 100 and 300 K. We found that the p-n junction exhibited the CMR behavior. The CMR ratio ΔR/R 0 (ΔR =R H -R 0) is positive in magnetic fields below 0.13 T and at high temperature, while it displays a negative CMR near 100 K and in magnetic fields over 0.13 T. The CMR ratio values are 8% at 0.1 T and 13% at 5 T and 300 K, 40% at 0.1 T and 150 K, 10% at 0.13 T and -60% at 5 T and 100 K. The CMR behavior of the p-n junction is different from those of the LaMnO3 compound family.


perovskite oxide p-n junction CMR 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Huibin Lü
    • 1
  • Souyu Dai
    • 1
  • Zhenghao Chen
    • 1
  • Lei Yan
    • 1
  • Yueliang Zhou
    • 1
  • Guozhen Yang
    • 1
  1. 1.Laboratory of Optical Physics, Institute of Physics & Center for Condensed Matter PhysicsChinese Academy of SciencesBeijingChina

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