On the equatorial spreadF

  • R G Rastogi


The post-sunset maximum in virtual height of theF region near the magnetic equator is associated with the general rise of the wholeF region from the base to the height of peak ionisation with little change in the semi-thickness of the layer. This rise ofF region is accentuated on days with large evening peak in the vertical drift velocity or the horizontal electric field in theF region. The range type of equatorial spreadF first occurs only if theF region drift velocity remains significantly upwards after sunset but the maximum intensity of spreadF occurs when the drift velocities are low or even downwards. The range spread first appears at or below the base of theF layer and later spreads into theF layer due to downward movement of the layer and/or upward movement of the irregularity. SpreadF seen on VHF backscatter records corresponds to the range type of spreadF seen on normal ionograms. The frequency type of spreadF does not produce VHF echoes. A strong peak in the electric field seems to be a necessary condition for the generation of equatorial spreadF.


Spread-F equatorialF-region F-region irregularities 


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  1. 1.Physical Research LaboratoryAhmedabad

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