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The 12th International Symposium on Flow Visualization

  • Kompenhans J. 


The 12th International Symposium on Flow Visualization (ISFV12) was held at Göttingen, Germany, September 10–14, 2006. The symposium attracted 360 participants from 31 countries. The symposium was organized in 75 sessions, including one poster session, and seven invited lectures. Five special sessions focused on areas of current interest in flow visualization. Two awards: the Asanuma Award and the Leonardo Da Vinci Award have been presented to two experts in recognition of their excellent contributions to the field of flow visualization. Three awards have been provided for young scientists to acknowledge their scientific work and oral presentation at the symposium. The symposium was accompanied by a public lecture and an exhibition of vendors of equipment for flow visualization.


Aerodynamics Art Biological Flows CFD Cylinder Flows Data Analysis and Presentation Tomography Density DGV Engines Combustion and Turbines Experimental Studies Flames Flow Control Polymer Flows Interferometry Jet Flows Technical Flows LIF Life Sciences Liquid Crystals Liquid Films Liquid Metals Micro Flows Multiphase Flows PIV (Methods Turbulence Applications MAVs and Low Reynolds Number Flows) Propellers/Convective Flows PSP/TSP Quantitative Visualization Methods Shock Waves Smoke/Dye Thermography Tracking Vehicle Flows Vortical Flows 


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