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The 4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography

  • Takei M. 


The 4th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography (WCIPT4) was held in Aizu, Japan, from September 5 to 8, 2005 (home page: The congress venue was OnYado Toho, a traditional Japanese hotel in Higashiyama Onsen, which is approximately 15 minutes from Aizu-wakamatsu station by car and approximately 4 hours from Narita Airport by train and shinkansen. The congress attracted 183 participants from 21 countries. Eight categories of parallel sessions and two poster sessions were held. A total of 174 papers were presented, including 3 invited lectures and 40 posters. In the plenary lectures, Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang presented “Terahertz Wave Imaging Technology”, Professor Lynn Gladden explained the “Latest Development in Dynamic MRI of Multi-Phase Systems”, and Professor Hideaki Koizumi discussed “Optical Topography for Higher-order Brain-function Imaging and its Practical Applications”. The congress also incorporated some local events, including a technical tour of the University of Aizu. The university staff introduced the state-of-the-art computer facility. In addition, a city sightseeing excursion visited Tsurugajo Castle and a sake museum. All attendees enjoyed lavish dinners with traditional Japanese entertainment in the evenings.


Tomographic sensor design Data reconstruction and fusion Visualization and image analysis Flow imaging Chemical reactor engineering Process modeling and control Industrial application and innovation Nuclear engineering 


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