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Microsurgical anterior cervical discectomy without fusion

  • Arnaldo Benini
  • Gerald M. Plötz



Microsurgical anterior exposure and removal of cervical herniated disk without fusion of the involved motion segment to relieve radicular pain and to restore function.


Herniated cervical disk accompanied by nerve root compression without or with minimal spondylarthritis.


Herniated cervical disk accompanied by nerve root compression in the presence of advanced spondylarthritis. In the instances a fusion performed at the same sitting is indicated.

Surgical Technique

Detachment of vastus lateralis, provisional insertion of 95° condylar plate, marking of the proximal and distal transverse osteotomies, proximally of the lateral half and distally of the medial half. Removal of plate and osteotomy. This subtrochanteric step cut must correspond to the preoperative drawing. Distraction of the osteotomy and definite internal fixation. The defects are filled with autogenous or allogeneic corticocancellous bone blocks.


Of the 216 patients operated between 1980 and 1994 we were able to follow-up 175 (81%) after an average of 71 months. One-hundred-and-sixty-eight patients were satisfied with the result. The clinical result did neither correlate with the spontaneous bony fusion at the operated level occurring after surgery nor with the radiologically documented faulty positional attitude.

Key Words

Herniated cervical disk Anterior discectomy Microsurgery of cervical spine Nerve root decompression 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Abteilung Wirbelsäulen-RückenmarkschirurgieSchulthess KlinikZürichSwitzerland

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