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Oogenesis in a tropical loachLepidocephalus thermalis (Cuv. & Val.)

  • S D Rita Kumari
  • N Balakrishnan Nair


The development of oocytes has been traced in detail in the loachLepidocephalus thermalis. The various stages of oocytes are described under distinctive stages namely 1. chromatin nucleolus stage; 2. perinucleolus stage; 3. yolk vesicle stage; 4. primary yolk stage; 5. secondary yolk stage; 6. tertiary yolk stage; 7. migratory nucleus stage; 8. pre-ripening stage; 9. ripe egg stage. The yolk deposition is initiated as minute globules in the extravesicular ooplasm. A yolk nuclous is entirely wanting in any stage of oocyte maturation. The origin of new crops of oocytes and the formation of the micropyle are described. Nature of degeneration of unextruded ripe oocytes has been followed.


Lepidocephalus thermalis (Cuv. and Val.) oogenesis maturing stages of oocytes yolk formation germinal vesicle micropyle 


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© Indian Academy of Sciences 1979

Authors and Affiliations

  • S D Rita Kumari
    • 1
  • N Balakrishnan Nair
  1. 1.Department of Aquatic Biology and FisheriesUniversity of KeralaTrivandrum

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