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Recent trends in the biosystematics of Entognathous Apterygota with special reference to Collembola

  • N R Prabhoo


In recent years increasing number of studies have been undertaken involving modern techniques like DNA hybridization, analysis of enzymic and chromosomal polymorphism in conspecific populations, ecophysiology and behaviour in individual species etc with far reaching implications in the systematics of Entognathous Apterygota, particularly the Collembola. Both scanning and transmission electron microscopes have been used extensively for the study of surface structure, sense organs, spermatozoa and gut providing considerable insight into phylogenetic relationship of higher taxa as well as interrelationships at the generic and lower taxonomic levels.


Insect biosystematics Collembola Protura Diplura 


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  1. 1.Department of ZoologyUniversity of KeralaTrivandrumIndia

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