Life table for the castor capsule borer,Dichocrocis punctiferalis Gn. on different hosts

  • G G Bilapate


Castor capsule borer,Dichocrocis punctiferalis Gn. is the most destructive pest of castor seed in India. Studies on the rate of multiplication were carried out at a constant temperature of 27±2°C under a limited space and sufficient food supply, the population increasedwith an infinitesimal rate (rm) of 0·0736, 0·0416, 0·0669, 0· 0492 and 0· 0864 and finite rate (λ) 1· 0763, 1· 0424, 1· 0691, 1· 0504 and 1· 0902 per female per day on maize, brinjal, bhindi, bottlegourd and pomegranate respectively. The net reproductive rate (R o) was maximum (20· 19) on pomegranate. The popualtion on reaching a stable age distribution, in all the hosts, comprised approximately 97 per cent of the immature stages.


Life table Dichocrocis punctiferalis Gn 


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